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Lembeh, Indonesia

Boxer crabs (also known as the pom-pom crab) carry a live sea anemone in each claw, which is used to defend themselves and catch food. Look closely and you’ll see that the white fluffy things look just like boxing gloves/cheerleading pom poms, which explains the name (and nickname) of this unique critter.


Vaavu Atoll, The Maldives

Not the best shot, but this was the only usable one. This was probably the greatest night dive I’ve ever done. At the Alimatha House Reef in Vaavu Atoll, you enter the water just before it gets dark and before you know it, you’re surrounded by hordes of nurse sharks and more than enough stingrays to make you feel incredibly nervous. The sharks swim next to you, behind you, right above you, and sometimes even under you – shoving you out of the way to be fed by the dive guides. It was an insane 40 minutes underwater. Pretty surreal too.


the sanctuary

Southern Leyte, The Philippines

This was one of my first few decent wide-angle shots. I was on an expedition cruise with Solitude Liveaboards in 2016, and one of the dive spots we visited was the Napantao Fish Sanctuary in Southern Leyte. This protected marine area was teeming with little fish – I swear there were over 1,000 of them on every corner and wall of that long stretch of reef. I was truly blown away.



Manado, Indonesia

It’s funny how I spent so much time shooting this one crab, only to find out that it was looking after what must have been hundreds of tiny eggs when I reviewed the images on my laptop. Sometimes interesting details only come to your attention much later.