mad for mantas

The Maldives

Want to see manta rays? Go to the Maldives. That’s where you’ll spot loads of them. This shot was taken at the Lankan Manta Point dive site in North Male. It has three cleaning stations so you’ll get to see manta rays swimming around. It’s important to never go too near (or above, or right smack in the middle) of the cleaning station; always stay around it and keep your distance from the mantas.


Vaavu Atoll, The Maldives

Not the best shot, but this was the only usable one. This was probably the greatest night dive I’ve ever done. At the Alimatha House Reef in Vaavu Atoll, you enter the water just before it gets dark and before you know it, you’re surrounded by hordes of nurse sharks and more than enough stingrays to make you feel incredibly nervous. The sharks swim next to you, behind you, right above you, and sometimes even under you – shoving you out of the way to be fed by the dive guides. It was an insane 40 minutes underwater. Pretty surreal too.